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Library Shelving:

Library Shelving, with its unique double-wall panel uprights, is designed to allow easy access to books and periodicals by preventing them from slipping behind the posts thus preventing damage to stored items.

A wide variety of components such as reference shelves, dividers, and periodical shelves, provides storage and display options for most library materials.

  • Library Shelving

Document and Records Storage

In education, there's bound to be a lot of files, records, papers, grades and more. That’s why we offer a full-range of shelving options for filing and storage. The office-style shelving can be made to fit letter, legal or records box sizes, folders and more. File and shelving dividers can be used to better organize files, folders, papers and other items. A wide variety of combinations of shelves, drawers, and fold-out reference shelves can be utilized to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

  • Lateral Book Storage

Books and More

Books and reference materials can also quickly take up a lot of space, so we offer solutions to effectively manage your information and libraries.

Sports Equipment:

A variety of rivet and tab style shelving units can be used for storing golf bags, bicycles and much more.

  • Two-Tier Golf Bag Units

Lateral Mobile Storage:

With limited space available, a lateral filing system will greatly increase storage capacity without taking up too much more valuable square footage. A lateral system places shelving units on movable bases in front of a row of fixed shelving. To reach the items on the fixed shelves, the front ones are simply and easily slid to the side. Several rows of moving shelves can be used to create even more storage.

  • Mobile File Storage

Compacting Storage:

If more space is available, a compacting mobile system can be used to create movable aisles of storage. These systems can greatly increase your storage capacity by eliminating the need for multiple aisles of shelves between fixed rows and using that space for shelving. This is done by placing the shelves on movable bases that can be moved back and forth to access the desired row. Electrical systems can also be added to make moving the shelving as easy as pressing a button.

  • Compacting Mobile System

Clean and Safe Installation:

With either lateral or compacting mobile systems, a variety of deck and ramp options can be used to create a clean and professional installation by hiding the moving parts. ADA compliant ramp can be used so that all shelving is up to code and easily accessible by anyone.

  • Typical Deck and Ramp System

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