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Pallet Rack:

Industry requires heavy-duty solutions to meet high demand and heavy items. Pallet rack offers strength, durability and flexibility for a wide-range of applications – from bulky items to materials storage to warehousing.

  • Security Cage

Security Cage

Some items need to be secured and kept separate from others. Security cage enable high-security, visibility, and separation without creating a separate room.

Compacting Storage:

If more space is available, a compacting mobile system can be used to create movable aisles of storage. These systems can greatly increase your storage capacity by eliminating the need for multiple aisles of shelves between fixed rows and using that space for shelving. This is done by placing the shelves on movable bases that can be moved back and forth to access the desired row. Electrical systems can also be added to make moving the shelving as easy as pressing a button.

  • Compacting Mobile System

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