Shelving and Storage / Golf Bag Storage

  • Shelving and Storage / Golf Bag Storage

Increased Storage:

Golf Bag storage racks are specifically designed to efficiently store golf bags. Made of the same proven and reliable components as Rack Solid shelving, golf bag storage can effectively increase your storage capacity by 600% when coupled with a compacting mobile system.

  • Golf Bag Pegs

High Capacity:

A base system is a two-tiered shelving system with specially-designed pegs to separate the bags. In a 4′ wide unit, three bags can be stored per level and a 3′ wide unit stores two. In a 4′ × 15″ floor space, six golf bags can easily be stored and retrieved.

  • Two-Tier Golf Bag Units


The standard unit is 100” high with two levels, but single-level units can be used for lower-ceiling rooms. Shelves can be added to increase storage. A popular option is to surround and separate units using masonite dividers to provide both a functional surface for supporting bags and also create a clean look.


Golf bag storage is a perfect candidate for using a compacting mobile system. Storage space is vastly increased and in combination with a wood or finished deck, the look compliments any sports equipment or country club environment.

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