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Whether you file by letter or number, GBS is sure to have a match for your existing color coded system. We have been manufacturing color coded labels since 1974. If you don’t see the label you are looking for, please give us a call. Due to space limitations, we have not shown every available label. In addition to Numeric and Alphabetic labels, we also have a wide range of year codes, coding labels and name indexing label products.

Pressboard folder options

Color Control, Alphamatic 135 Solid, and Alphamatic Mini Labels:

Click the picture to zoom in and see various options.

Pressboard folder options

Year Band and Numeric Labels:

Includes year Band, System One, Mini Numeric, System One Double Digit, and J. Prefix Labels. Click the picture to zoom in and see various options.

Color Coded Strip Labels

Color Coded Strip Labels:

We offer pre-printed factory applied labels to match most competitive systems. Color coded folders can be packaged in any required method. We can also supply pre-applied strip labels based on data that you supply.