High Density Mobile / Lateral System

Increased Capacity:

Lateral filing systems will increase shelving capacity with the least disruption to operations. More of your materials are available at all times. More shelving units are placed on tracks in front of existing shelving units and are moved back and forth to access the shelves behind.

Capacity is typically increased 70-90% for a two-shelf deep system and as much as 140-180% using a three-shelf deep system.

  • High Density Mobile / Lateral System

Modular Design:

Track and Deck systems are a combination of several components that allow flexibility in treatment. From the simplest track to a combined configuration that will accommodate custom surface treatments, the look is determined by the end user requirements.

  • High Density Mobile / Lateral System


Creatively designed into the deck and track mechanism, practically invisible, to ensure the utmost safety and ease of operation.

  • High Density Mobile / Lateral System

Flexible Filing and Storage Solutions:

Modular construction and Multi-Media filing and Storage units yield the most flexible configuration to address any media and security issue (HIPPA Compliance) confronted in a modern enterprise. It is simple to add to this system and reconfigured for any future application. No matter what the future requirements are the system can be adapted to address these dynamics.