High Density Mobile / Electrical Compacting System

Enhanced Capacity:

An electrical system enhances a mobile system’s ability to store items in that it eliminates any physical effort to move an aisle, provides electronic security and connectivity and also gives a cleaner look to any storage area.

Heavy-duty electrical motors are used to ensure consistent movement for all weight loads and for reliable operation for many years.

Easy Access:

Even with hands full of files, products or anything else being stored and you now need to access another aisle, with an electrical system all that needs to be done is press a button.

Full-function keypads provide both functionality and ADA usability. Easy-to-read lights and symbols make using the system intuitive. Aisles can be locked and accessed using transponder keys for up to 10 different aisle permission patterns.

Computerized Control:

An electrical system is run by a special processing unit designed for plug and play installation. This makes installation far faster and less expensive. The system can be linked to a PC or network for remote system control and monitoring.

Optical distance sensors regulate system speed and stopping distances and allows the system to know where each carriage is at any time.

Safety Systems:

Because the system is network capable it can be interfaced easily with other system such as media locators, fire suppression systems and other environmental regulation systems.

Safety appliances such as PIR motion detectors and IR safety sweeps and more can also be utilized.