Guaranty Bank

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Loan Operations/Loan Portfolio:

As with other financial institutions today, Guaranty Bank was faced with the need for additional facilities for supplementary services, equipment and customer services. The original design of the facility allocated valuable front line space to record keeping and compliance documentation. Due to the advent of modern computer records and imaging systems, the need to have immediate access to archival and support records had been outweighed by the pressures to free up space for needed services and consumer products.

By allocating space in the facilities basement area, Guaranty Bank was able to combine both active mortgage lending operations and archive loan portfolios into one compact and inexpensive area. This freed up in excess of 1,000 square feet of valuable customer and service area.

The resultant file area was not only compliant with these needs and the dictates of regulations but afforded Guaranty Bank 180% growth potential in portfolio acquisitions within the confines of a space originally planned to house one third the capacity. The system was designed and positioned to afford maximum access and has resulted in a 30% reduction in file function time which has had a positive impact on loan operation overhead.

The system was designed to address structural floor loading problems. Several aisles were implemented to allow maximum accessibility for peak retrieval times. The system resulted in 180% growth and saved over 1,000 square feet when compared to conventional file solutions.